Corporate Social Responsibility / Integrity Policy


PTF stands for Programming Their Future. Programming Their Future will be an ICT Outsourcing enabler, connecting between Palestinian programmers and Dutch Companies. PTF will aim to put the Palestinian Territories on the Global outsourcing map. Later, when successful and the model is proven, we will seek ways to support programmers in other conflicted countries.


In the beginning the company will be set up as an NGO.

We plan to use the first year as ‘infrastructure’ year and undertake several actions such as developing the web site and creating a video clip which will serve the organization in the years to come.

By providing our services we believe we can really make an impact and difference when looking at new ways for ICT support in the conflicted territories. By doing this in a responsible way we believe to create  a system which in themselves will become sustainable.

The Company’s first goal is to bridge between businesses in the Netherlands who are looking to outsource and connect them with qualified programmers in the Palestinian territories. Our second goal is to create an ecosystem of users and service providers that will ultimately also facilitate the transformation of knowledge from Dutch highly experienced engineers directly to the programmers and students in the Palestinian territories. Thus, the company will run two main activities: 1) Promoting, attracting and engaging with Dutch companies who would welcome Palestinian programmers and 2) Creating a platform to promote the Dutch/PT ICT collaboration through ICT missions and in year 2 and 3 also arranging internships if applicable,

CSR Policy

Besides our aim is to promote positive impact with our company, we also aim to rule out or minimize negative impacts. When working on this project, before, during and after implementation, we identify and prioritize risks that could potentially harm society and environment. Our core values are leading for our approaches and services.

Next to our services we also believe a winning ecosystem can only become truly “winning” when not only the technology is transferred but more important also the associated education needed in order to use the technology and how it will influence the daily business.

People, Planet Profit

As we are working the value chain of the IT-business there is always an impact on various levels when providing a service or when developing a project together with our partners.

Core Values

Create an impact: Our efforts and services are based on creating a true impact not only towards the environment but also to the people that live, work there.

Level of service: Provide a profound service throughout maintaining a high standard for our services to deliver throughout the complete value chain

Team Spirit: Creating an impact at a high level of service means Creative People, working together with our Partners to develop the services/projects in a team spirit.

Integrity: Having an open communication and demanding open communications from our partners. Maintaining transparency in our business efforts for creating the impact together with our partners.

Involved stakeholders: The stakeholders involvement is visible and focused on making a difference in the world by giving respect for each other and eachothers businesses without harming the environment.

Commitments have to be for the long run in order to create, monitor and share knowledge on the true impact we are creating for all parties.

This is why we feel that projects/services are based on and with a greater mind to the impact it is creating for the environment. Of course, as a foundation we believe also to practice what we preach, as such we drive green energy cars, recycle were possible on consumables.

As such 3P is more and more a way of living, which we enclose in our daily practice as in the execution of our projects.

Value Chain Approach and CSR

As we work focusing on a value chain we work with many different and local people as well. To us it is of importance to create awareness on CSR in a way be keeping up our standards for:

  • No Child Labour
  • Impose good working conditions
  • No Bribery or Corruption stimulations
  • Pay on time, honouring payment terms as people depend on income, but also this gives  a better value to contracts in itself
  • Pay respectable prices
  • Providing support to local organizations to set up correct ways for administration
  • Utilize partnerships, throughout:

o Respecting all the above
o Being seen as credible a reputable business partner with a mind towards the eco system it is acting in.

All PTF employees are aware of this integrity policy through a code of conduct.

This is the way we believe we can create true value to our partners, stakeholders, and customers.

Pieter Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau, Van Vollenhoven

Chairman Programming Their Future