Our Way Of Working

Participating with the Programming Their Future program involves five steps. This method ensures a high success rate. By building bridges between companies in the Netherlands and qualified Palestinian ICT companies, we offer both parties the opportunity to benefit from each other’s strengths.

1. Matching

In this phase we make the right match for the Palestinian ICT partners with Dutch companies and this is based on the initial scope and the ICT request for help.

2. Onboarding

In the second phase, the content of the ICT issue is further elaborated in cooperation with the Palestinian ICT partner and the Dutch end customer.

3. Statement of Work

The SOW (Statement Of Work) is drawn up between the Dutch end client and the Palestinian ICT partner. Agreements are made about the output of the project.

4. Operations

In this phase, tasks are divided and collaboration begins. Work is done using an agile method, so that operations can be as efficient as possible.

5. Celebrate

We celebrate the success of each project. The PTF team continues to support and provide support – as needed – for any culture or pending issue.